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Mi Band 3 Smartwatch – The Dependable Activity Tracker Review

Xiaomi or most popularly known as MI is among the top manufacturers of smartphone and electronic devices. Xiaomi is now also known for its budget-friendly, reliable and extra durable, smart band.

Xiaomi has released the latest the latest version of their smart band the Mi band 3 a few months back. It is a watch cum activity tracker with added features like call and notification alert etc. The Mi band 3 is one of the favorite fitness band of millions of worldwide users. The band 3 is very durable. It is fully waterproof and shock resistant. The battery life of the band is just amazing and last for more than two weeks with regular usage. The band can be linked with a smartphone using the Mi fit app. All the activity data recorded by the band is synced with the Mi-Fit app which can be further synced with Google, and thus you can keep a record of your sports activity.

Let's have a close look at the amazing Mi band 3.


The Mi band 3 looks like a simple band. It is entirely black. The actual health tracker looks like a capsule with a small sized touchscreen. It comes with a bright OLED display with great viewing angles. At the bottom of the capsule, there are heart rate sensors which track the heartbeat.


Mi band 3 is known for its long-lasting battery. The device is powered by 110 mAh non-removable battery which might look small but is more than enough for a simple activity tracker. The band gets fully charged in less than an hour. It easily lasts for more than 20 days after a single full charge. The band comes with a charging cable which can be connected to a mobile charger or laptop.

Features and Performance

The band 3 is loaded with features. It is actually a really smart device with unmatched capabilities. Mi band 3 comes with a pedometer, heart rate sensors, notification and call alerts, alarm, etc.

Mi band has the ability to actively track footsteps. It can even differentiate between walking running and cycling. The band 3 also tracks your heart rate and alerts you if it goes above a particular rate. The sleep tracking of the device is also very accurate. It calculates both deep and light sleep along with the total sleep time.


The band 3 is an incredible device at a tiny price tag. It makes your life a bit easier and healthy. The band is recommended to everyone especially the fitness enthusiasts, and surely you are never going to be disappointed.

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